Types of Fish we Catch 

Alaska Fish Species

Common Species Caught Near Sitka

King (Chinook) Salmon

Known as the King Salmon in Alaska due to the large size and flavorful taste, they are one of the most sought-after game fish in the world. The King salmon is the largest of the salmon genus in the Pacific Ocean, with a typical average of 15-20 lbs; however they certainly can be bigger. The sport fishing world record is 97.25 lbs! King salmon are caught regularly throughout our fishing season (May 20-Sept 5), but typically the hottest bite starts in early May and lasts until the end of June. Sitka, Alaska boasts the highest saltwater King salmon catch rates in all of Alaska, confirmed by ADF&G. 


Silver (Coho) Salmon

While smaller than King salmon, Silver salmon make up for their small stature in quantity of fish that can be retained daily (6 per day). Silvers are an entertaining catch because of their acrobatic fight on the ocean surface. The average Coho weighs 8-12 pounds, but the world record in Alaska is an impressive 26.11 lbs. The best Silver salmon fishing is between July and early Sept. 

Pacific Halibut

Halibut fishing in Sitka is strong all summer season long. Hook a halibut and it might be the biggest fish of your life! These fish can reach sizes of 400 lbs or more and have a clean, mild taste with firm, flakey meat requiring little seasoning. The largest recorded sport-caught Pacific Halibut was 459 lbs. 

Black Cod (Sablefish)

The Black Cod is a deep-dwelling fish known for its buttery and rich taste. Some might consider it the best tasting fish in the world. Black cod are caught in depths ranging from 700-3000 feet of water. Because of such extreme depths, black cod were once only available to the commercial fishery by means of long longing and pots. With the use of electric reels, we have now made it possible to catch black cod sport fishing in Sitka, Alaska.


The Alaska Lingcod is known for its prehistoric look and large, toothy grin. It is one of Alaska's most sought after sport fish for its prized meat. These beasts can grow up to 80 lbs. The world record lingcod weighed in at 82.6 lbs.

Yelloweye Rockfish

A non-pelagic rockfish, the Yelloweye is one of the most prized rockfish due to their large size and fillet quality. We catch these pretty consistently throughout the entire fishing season.

Shortraker Rockfish

A non-pelagic rockfish, the Shortraker rockfish looks almost identical to the Yelloweye but is typically bigger and found in deeper water (600-1200 feet). The shortraker rockfish is the largest of all the rockfish species found in Alaska, with the sportfishing world record coming in at a whopping 44.1 pounds. 

Black Rockfish

A pelagic rockfish, these fighters are a hit with our guests due to their natural tendency to 'swarm' up under the boat which makes for some fast and hot action. A great tasting white meat, our recommendation is using these for some fish tacos or fish & chips.

Salmon Sharks

Sometimes described as a mini great white shark due to appearance similarities, Salmon sharks can grow to over 10 feet long and in excess of 660 pounds. An apex predator, the salmon shark feeds on salmon, squid, sablefish, herring and pollock; eating about 8% of their weight in food each day. 

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