Sitka, Alaska 

 Black Cod Fishing 

Alaska Black Cod Fishing

Highly Prized for its Rich, Buttery Taste

Black Cod (Sablefish)

Sablefish, commonly referred to as black cod, is a deep water fish found in the muddy sea beds of the North Pacific once. Black cod are caught in depths ranging from 700-3000 feet of water. Because of such extreme depths, black cod were once only available to the commercial fishery by means of long longing and pots. With the use of electric reels, we have now made it possible to catch black cod sport fishing in Sitka, Alaska.


Best Tasting Fish in the World

There would be no point to target black cod if it didn't taste awesome. Black cod, aka the butterfish, is highly prized for an incredibly rich, melt-in-your-mouth buttery taste and delicate texture. It's what you would be serving at a gourmet restaurant. The fillet of a black cod is a pure snow white color with large delicate flakes. The fillets have a high oil content and. can be prepared many ways - including grilling, smoking, frying, or served as sushi. Black cod store a lot of fat (omega-3's) because of their long lives in the deep, frigid, waters of Alaska. The highest fat content of any white meat fish in the Pacific Ocean makes black cod very healthy. Black cod tips are considered the prime cut, almost similar to the filet mignon of a tenderloin. 

Fishing Guides and Gear

The presence of a knowledgeable, personable, and experienced guide and deckhand is what makes a fishing trip to Alaska special! There are several reasons people come back to us year after year, one of those being the personal connection created with our guides and deckhands. Our fishing fleet consists of 30 foot walk-around sport-fishers with enclosed cabins, a private bathroom, and twin outboard engines.

Sitka, Alaska Fishing Lodge

Make your fishing charter a package with the Cascade Creek Lodge. The Cascade Creek Lodge sits on the shores of the Sitka Channel and features expansive views the North Pacific Ocean. Each one of our ten bright and spacious guest rooms features your own private balcony overlooking the water and our famous volcano, Mt. Edgecumbe. Guests enjoy our large lounging area, bar, and dining area after a day on the water. 

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