Sitka, Alaska 

 Salmon Fishing 

Alaska Salmon Fishing

Premier King (Chinook) & Silver (Coho) Salmon Fishing

Alaska King Salmon Fishing

Confirmed by ADF&G, Sitka has the highest saltwater catch rates of King salmon on average throughout all of Alaska. The most sought after of all the salmon because they are the biggest, the best fighting fish Alaska has to offer, and the highest oil content! The largest sport caught King salmon caught was 97 pounds. If there ever was a bucket list fish to catch in Alaska, it would be the King salmon! Most anglers who get a taste of the fight, keep coming back year after year for that same feeling. In general, May and June are the best months to come get the thrill of reeling in a monster King salmon. Learn more about the best time to fish Sitka, Alaska. Check out the 2020 King salmon sportfishing regulations.

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing

Confirmed by ADF&G, Sitka has the highest saltwater catch rates of Silver salmon on average throughout all of Alaska. Silver Salmon are very sporty fish to catch while mooching with some acrobatic skills! A redder meat than King salmon, but still a lot of oil content. Great to catch and eat! Made up for in size by the quantity you can catch per day. The saltwater run for Silver salmon is later than King salmon. Silver salmon start coming in schools to the near coastal waters in early - mid July and stay until early - mid September. Throughout the summer months, the Silver salmon are frenzy feeding; growing by about 1 pound per week!

Salmon Fishing in Sitka, Alaska

The two most popular fishing techniques used to catch salmon are mooching and trolling. Both are very effective, but are quite different in their methods. If you are interested in the most hands-on method of fishing in Alaska, mooching for salmon would be it! While utilizing the mooching method, all anglers fish for salmon with their own rod and reels; and can continue fishing even when another angler has one on the line! This method is more effective when large schools of salmon are in the area, as anglers work their baits up and down the water column. Trolling with electric downriggers is another effective way to catch salmon. This method is most effective when the salmon fishing is slower or you have less anglers on board. A lot of lodges around Sitka effectively fish for salmon using both methods, but not many have the option to do both. At Cascade Creek Lodge, we give the guests the option to do either. And if one method isn't working to the group's or captain's expectations, we always have the option to try the other.

Most Diverse Fishery in Alaska

Most anglers searching for a saltwater fishing trip to Alaska are interested in catching salmon and halibut. Finding a location that consistently catches both on every fishing day is important. Finding a location that offers salmon/halibut fishing, but also offers anglers the opportunity to catch black cod, lingcod, rockfish and sharks is when you have found the winner! Learn more about all the types of fish we catch in Sitka. 

Fishing Guides and Gear

The presence of a knowledgeable, personable, and experienced guide and deckhand is what makes a fishing trip to Alaska special! There are several reasons people come back to us year after year, one of those being the personal connection created with our guides and deckhands. Our fishing fleet consists of 30 foot walk-around sport-fishers with enclosed cabins, a private bathroom, and twin outboard engines.

Sitka, Alaska Fishing Lodge

Make your fishing charter a package with the Cascade Creek Lodge. The Cascade Creek Lodge sits on the shores of the Sitka Channel and features expansive views the North Pacific Ocean. Each one of our ten bright and spacious guest rooms features your own private balcony overlooking the water and our famous volcano, Mt. Edgecumbe. Guests enjoy our large lounging area, bar, and dining area after a day on the water. 

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