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A Fishing Life - feat. Richard Kraft

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

From his first memory ice fishing on the Missouri River to roaming the plentiful waters of the Pacific Ocean, Richard shares his story.

Please enjoy these short stories, old newspaper clippings or current story from Richard. To keep the originality of these passages, they are not edited and typed true to the original passage.

Entry 2: 5/27/1989

Sitka Salmon Derby - The 58.5 pounder

"Saturday: Started at 7 AM opening time went to Long Island with Neil & Mark. Fishing 70 feet in front of Island. Both Neil & I with release at first we thought we were crossed then I felt a little resistance & he reeled his up. I reeled up the slack & then felt a fish. First run of 20-30 feet I could tell it was at least a keeper. Then it made a 200 foot run & I knew it was a good big fish. It exploded up & out of the water right behind another boat's downrigger & it was a monster King Tyee Salmon. We hollered at all the nearby boats to keep back because we had a 'fish on!' It leaped out of the water 8 times. They looked like slow motion - a huge fish twisting/thrashing in the air and then crashing into the water leaving a big white rolling splash. I was hollering at Mark (he was driving) 'right, more left!'

45 minutes later and we finally landed the King. We immediately reeled up and made the two mile run to the scales for the weigh-in. I called Caryn on the way in and told her 'Grab the kids and the camera & meet us at the dock.' Also told her she could go into labor now since I had my fish.

58.5 pounds

Three hours into the derby and I was ready to call it a day. We fished until 2 pm - caught a 30 inched and lost another after a good run. I led for the 1st day and then at this time of writing I've been down to 3rd place."

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