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Activities To Do In Sitka, Alaska When You’re Not On Our Fishing Boats

Sitka, Alaska is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in the world. If you’ve ever been, then you know that the sites are not easily forgettable. Not only is there extraordinary fishing located here of all types of fish species (salmon, halibut, black cod, etc.), there are also a lot of fun other adventures and locations to visit while you are here. If you are getting ready to book a trip out to come on one of our fishing charters, but wanting to explore beyond our lodge, we have some perfect spots and activities for you to check out. In this blog, we are going to give you a short guide of some local favorites that will make your trip that much more memorable for both you and all who may travel with you. So grab your pen and paper because you’re going to remember these…

Sitka National Historical Park

Whether it’s your first time visiting Sitka, or it’s your 100th time, we highly recommend visiting Sitka National Historical Park. The park has historical and cultural totem poles that have been restored and replicated from all over Alaska. The park is located near the Indian River, and in 1804 was the site for the Battle of Sitka, between Tlingit people and Russian fur hunters. Throughout the Indian River, you can also usually spot a lot of Pink Salmon that will spawn throughout the waters. It’s a beautiful location to spend with family or friends visiting.

Hiking Mount Edecumbe

If you are looking to explore even more of Alaska, you can always hike the beautiful Mount Edecumbe. Mount Edecumbe is a dormant volcano that has hiking trails alongside it. The dormant volcano is located west of Sitka, in the southern end of Kruzof Island. The trail is considered a “moderate” trail, in terms of difficulty. It ranges about 6.8 miles long, and can be steep towards the end of the hike. Bears can also be spotted during your hike. There is also a cabin around the 4-mile mark that was built by the Conservation Corps.

Fortress of the Bear

Fortress of the Bear is also located in Sitka, Alaska. They are a refuge for orphaned black and brown bears, a non-profit organization. They offer guided tours for guests, where you can ask questions, and even a raised viewing platform. If you are wanting to see bears while in Alaska, then this is the place just for that.

Visiting Cascade Creek Lodge in Sitka, Alaska

Now that you have heard of some of the best places to visit on your next trip to Sitka, Alaska, it’s time to let you know why you should visit us.

We offer some of the best guided fishing tours and charters in Alaska. We offer expertise and knowledge to guide you through every step of your fishing trip. There are several reasons people come back to us year after year, one of those being the personal connection created with our guides and deckhands.

Cascade Creek Lodge is located just minutes away from the shops, attractions and restaurants of downtown Sitka. Explore the outdoors with nearby hiking trails, kayak rentals, and wildlife viewing tours.

If you are interested in booking with one of our many fishing charters for the next season, give us a call to learn more 907-519-7800.

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