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10 Reasons to Fish Sitka, Alaska

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Sitka, Alaska is considered the hidden gem of Southeast Alaska with its unique location between the Inside Passage and the Pacific Ocean. With the City and Borough of Sitka encompassing nearly 2,000 square miles of water, making it one of the top fishing destinations.

Here are 10 reasons to convince you that Sitka, Alaska should be your next epic Alaska fishing adventure.

1. This region has the highest catch rate of King Salmon in Alaska. Extremely high catch rates of Silver (Coho) salmon & Halibut. Not to mention lingcod, black cod, pelagic rockfish, & non-pelagic rockfish. We usually catch a variety of all of these species on every fishing day.

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2. Outer coast location. We are the closest to some of the best feeding grounds for salmon in all of Alaska. Also this allows us to get to the fishing grounds quickly (30 minutes to an hour).

3. Protected inside waters to fish if the outside gets too uncomfortable. The ability to hide behind some of our larger islands (Kruzof, Biorka, Klokachef) on windy days can be quite productive.

Sitka Alaska fishing lodges

4. Sitka is known for its scenic beauty. The rugged landscape and snow capped mountains keep your eyes happy throughout the day. Highlights include St Lazaria Island (a.k.a. Bird Island) - an island that should be featured in Jurassic Park it looks so prehistoric. The view of Mount Edgecumbe is stunning, we got a beautiful view from our lodge. Bring your camera. Did we mention our lodge sits oceanside, right on the water?

st lazaria island
st lazaria island
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5. Marine & Coastal Wildlife. Brown bears. Sitka blacktail deer. Humpback whales. Orcas. Sealions. Seaotters. While you will see many of them out on the water, the photo above was taken on one of our private balconies. Did we mention that you should bring your camera?

humpback whales Sitka Alaska
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6. We have a Commercial Airport. Alaska Airlines flys in and out of Sitka year round. Delta airlines has a daily flight in and out of Sitka during the summer. You got options. It's about a 2 hour flight from Seattle.

7. Fishing isn't the only adventure here. There's plenty to do in Sitka if you have a spouse who doesn't want to fish, or if you wanted to stay an extra day to explore Sitka. Hike up a mountain, walk a trail or check out the Totem park. Visit the Fortress of the Bear (orphaned bears). Or check out the Music Festival during the month of June.

8. Quality & Experience of boats/guides in Sitka is unmatched. Guides go through 3-4 summers of deckhand training before taking over the helm. We got three excellent guides with a ton of experience and we couldn't compete in this competitive industry without them. We got two 30 ft walk-around aluminum boats, outboard twin 250s (this is the Sitka standard). Heated cabins, bathroom on-board. Safe, fast, and fish catching machines.

fishing guides in Sitka, alaska
fishing guides in sitka, alaska

9. Sitka gives you the full Alaskan experience. Most anglers who find Sitka keep coming back every year. The fishing is unbelievable. The scenery is beautiful. The town has alot of history.

10. Cascade Creek Inn & Charters. Family owned & operated. Oceanfront lodge with 10 rooms (each room has a private balcony overlooking the Sitka Sound). We can hold up to a max of 12 guests at one time which allows for a very personal experience. Owners are Richard & Caryn Kraft. Sons Tyler & Nathan are the fishing guides. Daughter Kaylee helps out a lot in the office. Did we mention we got a first class in-house chef (daughter-in-law Kristi)?

Our ocean fishing charters are available May 20 - September 5. We would love to host you and your group on a fishing adventure of a lifetime.

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