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2017 Southeast Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game announced the new King Salmon sport fishing regulations for 2017. With this much anticipated emergency order announcement, all the potential fish we can catch here in Sitka, Alaska are now accounted for. Here's the list of the 2017 sport fishing regulations for Southeast Alaska.

Chinook (King) Salmon Regulations 2017


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Daily Limit: 1 King Salmon per person

Annual Limit: 3 King Salmon per person

Size: 28 inches or longer

Preseason Abundance Index: 1.27


Silver (Coho) Salmon Regulations 2017


Daily Limit: 6 Silver Salmon per person

Annual Limit: None

Size: 16 inches or longer

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Halibut Regulations 2017 (Area 2C)


Daily Limit: 1 Halibut per person

Annual Limit: None

Size: Under 44 inches (~40 lbs) or Over 80 inches (~277 lbs)

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Ling Cod Regulations 2017


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Daily Limit: 1 Ling Cod per person

Annual Limit: 2 (one of which is 30-35 inches and other is > 55 inches)

Size: 30-35 inches or 55 inches and longer


Sablefish (Black Cod) Regulations 2017


Daily Limit: 4 Black Cod per person

Annual Limit: None

Size: None


Pelagic Rockfish Regulations 2017


Species: Black, Dusky, Yellowtail, Widow, Blue, & Dark Rockfish

Daily Limit: 3 Pelagic Rockfish per person

Annual Limit: None

Size: None


Non-Pelagic Rockfish Regulations 2017


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Species: Yelloweye, Quillback, Silvergray, Copper, Tiger, & China Rockfish

*Daily Limit: 1 Non-Pelagic Rockfish per person

*Annual Limit: 1 Yelloweye Rockfish per person

Size: None

*Retention of non-pelagic rockfish is prohibited in all Southeast Outside waters from August 1st - August 21st, 2017


Shark Regulations 2017


Species: Salmon Shark, Blue Shark

Daily Limit: 1 Shark per person

Annual Limit: 2 Sharks per person

Size: None

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