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Sitka, AK Fishing Report: Aug. 15-Sept. 5

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Silver (Coho) salmon: The medium Silver salmon fishing year continued from mid August to the first week of September. Sometimes the limit was found (6 per person per day) but it was typically 10-20 Silver salmon per day per boat. Silvers grow up to 1 lb per week so all are usually pretty big. This time of year is a great time to visit Sitka! We are continuing our late season specials for 2020. Check them out! Available August 25-Sept 5, 2020.

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King (Chinook) Salmon: The King salmon starts to slow during this time every year, but we were still able to catch a few! Book May or June if you're most interested in King salmon.

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Halibut: The great halibut fishing continues!

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Blackcod (Sablefish): Black cod fishing has been good! Learn more about Black Cod and why you need to catch one for yourself.

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Lingcod: We have been catching a lot more of these this year, but they need to be 30-35 inches or over 55 inches to retain them for non-residents. Delicious!!! This picture includes one caught by Alaska residents on a non-charter.

Summary: A great summer highlighted by mostly calm open ocean fishing conditions and awesome guests! Hope to see you all in 2020.

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