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Sitka, AK Fishing Report: Halibut Fishing is on Fire! (July 15 - 28)

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Halibut: Lately and this season overall, the halibut fishing has been on fire! Quality fish in a quick amount of time is what we look for when going out for halibut and that's exactly what we have seen all summer long. While on a charter fishing trip in Sitka, guests can keep one halibut per person per day up to 38 inches or over 80 inches. A 38 inch halibut is around 25 pounds on average while an 80 inch halibut is around 275 pounds. We target the under 38 inch halibut due to the great eating quality. We consider anything over a 30 inch halibut worthy of taking home. When's the best time to come fish with us if you're most interested in halibut? It seems like this July has been super good, but it really is great all summer long. Check out the best month to fish Sitka, Alaska.

halibut fishing Sitka Alaska
Sitka Alaska halibut fishing trips
halibut fishing trips alaska
halibut fishing in Sitka Alaska

Silver (Coho) salmon: The Silver salmon haven't shown up in the numbers typically found in mid-late July. We should be seeing 15 plus Silver salmon per boat per day but instead we are seeing 5-15 per boat. This should only get better each and every day. They are still starting to trickle in and it could be a sign that the Silvers are going to be late this year. Late August - early September could be an excellent time to come fish Sitka, AK this year. Get in touch with us and let's make it happen!

King (Chinook) Salmon: We are still seeing King salmon in good numbers on most days. The boats are still getting 1-2 Kings most days. The retention of King salmon will be closed August 1 - Sept 15, 2019 for non-residents. You can read the full report here by the Alaska fish & game.

King salmon fishing in Sitka Alaska
King salmon fishing in Sitka, Alaska
Sitka Alaska fishing

Blackcod (Sablefish): We have been doing pretty good on these lately. Learn more about Black Cod and why you need to catch one for yourself.

Black cod fishing

Lingcod: We have been catching a lot more of these this year, but they need to be 30-35 inches or over 55 inches to retain them for non-residents. Delicious!!!

Lingcod fishing Sitka Alaska

Summary: We have had so many excellent groups join us this summer. Can't wait for August. Hope to see you all in 2020.

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