Sitka, AK Fishing Report: June 10-25, '19

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

King Salmon: There's just a lot more King Salmon in Sitka this summer (compared to last summer) and they are much bigger on average. Cape Edgecumbe remains the most consistent King salmon fishing for Sitka. If it's not too windy on the outside, the chances of getting your daily limit (1 per person per day) is good to very good. Most days it's taking less than an hour, others it can be a grind. Still marking tons of baitfish & seeing tons of diving birds working the water column- no wonder the Kings are back in town! We are entering the final week of the best King salmon fishing found on the planet and the boat crew is more excited than ever. Some consider the last week of June the best time to fish Sitka, AK due to the high catch rates of King salmon with the opportunity to catch a handful of Silver salmon on each fishing day. Hopefully you're planning your trip for 2020. Bring family & friends!

Silver (Coho) salmon: We saw the first trickle of Silver salmon in Sitka yesterday. We should start to see 3-5 Silver salmon per boat per day this week. Even more next. Stay tuned!

Halibut: Very consistent halibut fishing has been found off Cape Edgecumbe, as well as North of there. We have been getting limits most days thus far. As long as we have the time and half decent weather conditions, we have no trouble finding a limit of halibut. Big halibut being found everywhere. Tyler released a 200lb plus off the Cape a few days ago and Nathan released ~180lb halibut 2 days ago. Multiple 100 lb halibut as well.

Blackcod (Sablefish): We have been doing pretty good on these lately. Learn more about Black Cod and why you need to catch one for yourself.

Lingcod: We have been catching a lot more of these this year, but they need to be 30-35 inches or over 55 inches to retain them for non-residents. The big one here was caught by an Alaska resident. Delicious!!!

Shortraker & other Nonpelagic Rockfish: We caught a 30 lb Shortraker rockfish recently while doing our deepsea fishing! Incredible. Learn more about the Shortraker rockfish. Yelloweye rockfish population is also very plentiful.

Pelagic Rockfish (Black, Dusky & Yellowtail): Seems like the rockfish population is back. Gotta love some fish tacos. Think bass fishing, but with more action.

Wildlife: Humpback whales. Brown bear. Bald eagles. Sealions. Seaotters. Seals. We got it all here in Sitka, Alaska.

Things to see in Sitka: We got a bird sanctuary about 15 miles from Sitka that we pass on most fishing days. Beautiful!

Summary: June 10-25, 2019 has been a continuation of the June 1-10 fishing report. Lots of King salmon, Halibut, Rockfish, Lingcod & Black cod. Memories that last a lifetime! Hope to see you in June 2020.

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