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Sitka, AK Fishing Report: Mid-Late May '19

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

King Salmon: Memorial Day weekend started with the 64th annual Sitka Salmon Derby. This is a 5 day derby, with anglers fishing May 25, 26, 27 and June 1, 2. A fun derby to participate in and also a good marker to judge the King salmon fishing conditions. Oh and you can participate too! Send us an email and we will get you signed up for the 2020 Sitka Salmon Derby. After the first 3 days, I think it's fair to say the King salmon population is healthy. Lots of King salmon have been turned in thus far, with the current leader at 31.2 pounds. If you're interested in following updates on this derby - follow their facebook page... The Vitskari rocks, a popular fishing spot close to Sitka, has continued to be a hot spot for the King salmon. Cape Edgecumbe has been more consistent than that, however, and that's where we have been catching the majority of our Kings. Other fishing reports have been telling us there are also Kings in the popular North fishing spots. All good news. May 2019 will be remembered as the return of the King Salmon, especially after a super slow 2018 season. Check out the best month to fish Sitka, Alaska - but take a closer look at the month of May.

black cod fishing in Sitka Alaska

Halibut: Very consistent halibut fishing has been found off Cape Edgecumbe, as well as North of there. May is known for excellent halibut fishing due to less boating activity (less fishing pressure) out in the open ocean.

Halibut fishing in Sitka, Alaska
King salmon fishing in Sitka, Alaska
King salmon fishing in Sitka, Alaska

Blackcod: The blackcod (sablefish) has been picking up a lot since our last Sitka Alaska fishing report about early-mid May. Tyler caught 8 on 5/26/19 (the boat limit as only 2 guests onboard) and 7 on 5/27/19. Learn more about Black Cod and why you need to catch one for yourself.

Blackcod fishing in Sitka, Alaska
King salmon fishing in Sitka, Alaska

Lingcod: Cape Edgecumbe reports have been good. Always tough to catch them in the slot (30-35 inches) or over 55 inches.

Lingcod fishing in Sitka, Alaska

Rockfish: Seems like the rockfish population is back. Gotta love some fish tacos. Think bass fishing, but with more action.

King salmon fishing in Sitka, Alaska

Wildlife: Humpback whales. A brown bear. Bald eagles. Sealions. Seaotters. Seals. We got it all here in Sitka, Alaska.

Things to do in Sitka: Totem park is a beautiful walk you got to experience while you are in Sitka, Alaska. A nice way to end your night after a day on the water. These are few pictures along the way... Harbor Mountain. On the nice days, we occasionally take guests up Harbor Mountain Road up to Harbor mountain. Ask about it the next time you are with us!

Totem Park Sitka, Alaska
Totem Park Sitka, Alaska

Summary: May 2019 has proved to be a great time to visit Sitka. Consistent King salmon fishing, excellent rockfish and halibut fishing. Blackcod fishing. Beautiful weather. Wildlife and views that can't be replicated by a camera or a drone but we try our best. Beautiful weather. We got some excellent deals posted already for the 2020 fishing season for the month of May. Stay tuned for June updates.

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