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Quality Fishing Gear for Fishing in Alaska

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

We recognize that most of our guests are experienced fishermen who understand the importance of using quality fishing gear. It can be the difference between a mediocre and a spectacular fishing trip. With many fishing seasons of experience in Alaska, our guides have used their fair share of different brands of rods and reels. Through trial and error, our guides have confidently chosen G. Loomis and Shimano to provide guests with the most reliable fishing gear during their Alaskan fishing adventure.

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Our first choice for salmon fishing rods is the G. Loomis Salmon Series SAMR 1024C (8'6") and the SAMR 1084C (9'). These casting rods were designed specifically for what we use them for, mooching for salmon in the ocean. They are surprisingly light-weight, and the tips are very sensitive allowing you to feel even the most subtle salmon bite. These rods are also exceptionally strong. The G. Loomis rods are not only able to handle the largest of King salmon, but can also handle large halibut and lingcod. When halibut fishing is the primary focus, we use the G. Loomis Halibut Series rod. These rods are so light and powerful, there isn't a big bottom fish they can't handle.

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The salmon reel of choice at our Alaska fishing lodge is the Shimano Tekota 600 Line Counter (LC). Constructed with an excellent line counter and drag system, and durable enough to last many fishing seasons, in our opinion, the Shimano Tekota is the best salmon mooching reel on the market today. When our guides spot salmon at specific depths, it's important for our guests to be able to find that depth with their bait. With the Shimano Tekota 600LC, we are able to accomplish this consistently.

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A couple of our favorite halibut fishing reels are the Shimano Tyrnos 2-speed and the TLD 2-speed. We appreciate how powerful, light, and durable these reels have proved to be. Whether it's whipping up a nice chicken halibut at 400 feet, or having to use it in low gear for a barn door at 200 feet, these reels have always done us right.

Sitka Alaska Fishing Lodges

The fishing gear we have carefully chosen at Cascade Creek Inn & Charters will always be something our guides take great pride in. High quality, dependable gear is just one of the many reasons our guests come back to fish with us in Sitka, Alaska year after year.

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